Tenants of Watford Community Housing Trust are appealing for other residents to join in with decision making at the organisation.

The trust has vacancies for residents on two bodies: the board, which sets the strategic direction for the organisation, and the Gateway Leadership Team (GLT), where residents have a say on the services they receive.

Elections will be taking place in July for one tenant board member and three members of the GLT.

Mazie Gibson, of Hollytree House in Gammons Lane, has been volunteering with the trust for more than six years and is a current member of the GLT.

She said: "It’s the best way to put forward your concerns and ideas for the trust and the community. You can get your voice heard and make sure your housing association is run the way you want it to be."

Brian Trowbridge of the Meriden estate has also had a long involvement with the trust, having previously been a member of the GLT before getting elected to the board last year.

He said: "Volunteering is really rewarding if you have the time and interest in taking part. If you feel strongly about the Trust don’t just stand on the sidelines, get involved in making a change."

The trust owns around 5,000 homes in 20 community areas in Watford and Three Rivers. To join the GLT you do not have to be a tenant or leaseholder, you simply need to live in one of these areas.

Trust chief executive Tina Barnard said: "As a volunteer you not only get to voice your opinions and ideas, you can also gain fantastic skills for your CV. And of course it’s good for us as an organisation too. We involve our residents in our decision making wherever we can - it’s what we’re about as a community gateway."

For more information on volunteering with Watford Community Housing Trust, go to www.wcht.org.uk/joinin