Last year’s "unbearably loud" Sri Lankan Cricket Festival could see the Moor Park event’s activities cut following concerns from residents.

Neighbours were caught out last year when thousands of cricket fans descended upon the Sandy Lodge Road school, bringing "deafening" music to the "quiet" area.

The licensing sub-committee for the cricket festival, scheduled to be held at Merchant Taylors’ School, took place at Three Rivers House on Tuesday.

The Sri Lankan Schools Cricket Festival is an annual event. Last July was the first time it was held at Merchant Taylors’ School.

This year’s application sought permission to play live music from 2pm to 8pm, play recorded music from 10am to 8pm, perform dance from 1pm to 5pm and supply alcohol from 10am to 8pm on July 20.

In documents issued to Three Rivers politicians, district council officers highlighted the objections raised by residents.

One comment read: "This is a residential area, 5,000 visitors playing deafening music and consuming alcohol all day long is not compatible with the peaceful enjoyment of their homes and gardens."

Another objection was that: "Last year the noise was unbearably loud where the fairground rides, music and public address system were all competing to be heard. It made it impossible to enjoy my own home."

There were complaints that the site is "totally unsuited" to hold such a large-scale event due to the surrounding, quiet residential area.

Applicants predict that this year’s event will attract about 4,500 people.

Martin Gowing, estate manager of the Moor Park 1958 Limited company, which has raised concerns over the festival, said: "A number of residents on the estate have objected to the festival because of the problems there were last year.

"They were concerned about the behaviour of the visitors of the festival and what was happening outside the grounds and the noise that was generated from the grounds themselves."

The application looks to use the private school’s playing fields and exam hall.

Councillor Pam Hames, who sits on the licensing sub-committee, said: "It was allowed last year with no representations but obviously it didn’t go down as well with the residents so this time when they applied for a licence the residents of Moor Park have been more prolific in their comments."

The Liberal Democrat councillor added: "The residents’ concerns were taken into consideration and the applicant was quite willing to do anything to make it suitable for the location."

Members of the committee will make their decision this week whether or not to allow the licence.

The Watford Observer is waiting for a reply from Merchant Taylors' School.