Motorists are set to see more speed restrictions as Hertfordshire County Council makes it easier to implement 20mph zones.

The council’s new speed management strategy will increase the number of roads eligible for 20mph limits.

These amendments have been welcomed by the county’s Liberal Democrats, who say they have been calling for this relaxation of rules to create 20mph zones.

Stephen Giles-Medhurst, leader of the county’s opposition group, said: "Many local residents groups are concerned about reckless drivers and how they use the roads in areas where many pedestrians need to cross and use roads.

"Drivers travelling at 30mph or 40mph just don't have the stopping time needed if a child darts out into a road or if another pedestrian has a momentary lapse and steps out not spotting oncoming traffic.

"By having 20mph zones in specific and appropriate areas this will make our roads safer for all road users and pedestrians alike.

He added: "The Liberal Democrat group are of course delighted that this change is finally coming to pass.

"For us the only sour note is that it has taken so long for it to happen and that the Conservatives did not agree to our budget plans, which would have made huge savings from the bloated team of media spin doctors at County Hall and invested that money in Highways and road safety schemes - so really making a difference and saving lives."

The county will now use the average speed of cars travelling in an area to determine whether it will be suitable for a 20mph zones.

Simon Hoggett, spokesman for Hertfordshire County Council, said: "The new speed management strategy increases the number of roads eligible for 20mph limits and zones without the requirement for physical measures.

"Using mean speeds for determining speed limits will also make it simpler for 20mph zones to be created in residential areas, where appropriate and if the idea is supported by the local community.

"It is clear that people are concerned about speeding traffic and this strategy will provide the framework for putting the appropriate limits in place."