A Croxley Green family are locked in a row over compensation after a fox killed three of their chickens.

Matthew Human’s Lincoln Drive property backs onto the Durrants House development, currently being renovated by Beechcroft.

The 48-year-old said that a panel in the wooden fence was destroyed while a tree trunk was being moved as work was being carried out.

Mr Human said: "In moving the tree trunk it ended up through our fence. At the time the site manager came round and knocked on the door and was very apologetic and said they would fix it and everything will be fine.

"So, not being unreasonable I thanked him for owning up to it and thought nothing of it. They took out what was left of the old panel and had to wait for the new section to be delivered."

Within the next few days it took for a new panel to be installed, a fox entered the garden and killed chickens, Margery, Velma and Lilly.

The self-employed businessman said: "Unfortunately, the fox arrived before the panel. My little girl was distraught and we’re stressed and grieving."

Mr Human approached the company, seeking compensation of £50.

He said: "It happened in February and for weeks I was chasing that money, so every week I was going round there asking where it was. What has rattled my cage was trying to get a response. After all that time I thought they should increase the amount from £50 to £100."

Representatives from Beechcroft agreed to give Mr Human a "goodwill" sum of £50.

However, they did not think that the incident warrented doubling the amount requested.

Michael Browning, managing director at Beechcroft, said: "Mr Human originally made a claim for £50 compensation in relation to this matter and as a gesture of goodwill Beechcroft agreed to make this payment. Mr Human then increased his claim to £100, this has been declined."

Mr Browning added: "The original £50 requested by Mr Human and agreed by Beechcroft remains available should Mr Human wish to reconsider."

Mr Human and his family have since bought new chickens and have installed an electric wire around the outside of their coop.

Mr Human added: "We don’t blame the foxes. We often see them sunbathing in our neighbours gardens and they are very common because this is very rural and we love the wildlife.

"My parents had chickens when I was young. When you keep chickens foxes are an occupational hazard. You just try your best and it’s really sad what has happened."