Emergency services were called to a car crash this morning in Watford.

Police and ambulance were called at 9.58 to the junction at Hempstead Road and Courtlands Drive after reports that two cars had crashed.

Police are still on the scene awaiting for vehicle recovery, but the road is no longer blocked.

The cars involved were a blue Honda Jazz and a blue Toyota Prius and no one was injured.

A nearby resident has said that there had been a few accidents at the junction recently and he is worried nothing will be done until someone dies.

Gary Nicholls lives in Nascot Wood Drive and was alerted to the crash by his wife.

Mr Nicholls said: "I’m a paramedic in London so went down to see if I could do anything when I heard.

"There has been a lot of near misses at the junction and it seems as though nothing will be done until someone dies there.

"There have been six or seven accidents there in recent times and the junction has been flagged up with the council.

"Something needs to be done before it is too late."