New speed indicators will be installed in Kings Langley if local councillors get their way over traffic calming measures.

Dacorum councillors Alan Anderson and Bob Mclean want the county council to focus on "prevention rather than intervention" and introduce more traffic calming measures along Hempstead Road.

Councillor Anderson said: "Their [Hertfordshire County Council] policy has always been that they need fatalities before they do anything. We’ve always argued that they ought to consider preventative action rather than intervention."

"I disagree with the policy, but I may be able to empathise with it, if they were actually consistent with it. For example, if cameras were only put where people have died. But that is not how the system works. There are lots of cameras in places where people haven’t died. So there are a lot of inconsistencies, whether they’re talking about intervention or prevention."

Kings Langley Parish Council announced at its annual meeting on Thursday, April 10 that it would be introducing a mobile speed indicator in the village.

The sign, which will alert drivers to the speed they are doing, will record the speed of motorists and The Watford Observer understands that the sign could be positioned on the Southbound Hempstead Road.

Other sites being looked at are: Watford Road, Chipperfield Road and Rucklers Lane - where speed gun operations are often carried out by the police.

However, the final decision on the positioning of the sign will be determined by Dacorum Community Safety Partnership and Hertfordshire County Council Highways.

The sign is expected to cost more than £3,000 and the bill is being split between Kings Langley Parish Council and Dacorum Community Safety Partnership.

PCSO Ian Martin from the Kings Langley and Hemel Hempstead South Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "We welcome the purchase of this mobile speed indicator device. It will complement and enhance the current work being undertaken in the village to reduce speed, and will allow data to be collected about the speeds people are driving for further analysis."

"We regularly conduct speed monitoring and speed reducing operations in the area as we know this is of concern to residents. I’d remind people to drive carefully when passing through and adhere to the 30mph speed limit."

Andrew Dawson from Hertfordshire County Council said: "We introduced a new speed management strategy in February, in partnership with the police, which increases the number of roads eligible for 20mph limits and zones. It also allows for the introduction of zonal rural speed limits, usually for 40mph, in areas where people already tend to drive at speeds in line with such a limit.

"It is clear that people are concerned about speeding traffic and this strategy will provide the framework for putting the appropriate limits in place in line with government guidance. If residents have concerns about speeding we would advise them to discuss these with the police and with their local county councillor."