A community group in Leavesden has held an Easter raffle in order to raise money for the replacement of the War Memorial in Leavesden High Road.

The Easter raffle, which was held on Sunday, April 27, raised more than £100 for the new memorial, which Leavesden Community Group is hoping to unveil by mid-July.

The raffle prizes were donated by the Costcutter in Haines Way, Leavesden and the community group would like to thank all the staff and managers for their help.

Christine Bellamy, a committee member at Leavesden Community Group, said: "We as a community should do what we can to ensure that our service personnel both past and present shouldn't be forgotten.

"The replacement War Memorial will continue to allow local people to remember their fallen relatives and comrades as well as our present day service men and woman."

Leavesden community group aims to raise the money from within the community, rather than relying on external donations.