"Nothing will be done until someone dies" - that was the message from desparate residents who have hit out at the lack of safety measures around an accident blackspot in Nascot Park.

A two-car smash at the crossroad of Hempstead Road and Courtlands Drive has been described as a much-needed "wake up call" for traffic calming devices at the busy junction.

Police and paramedics were called at 9.58am to the road after reports two cars had crashed on Friday, April 25.

A nearby resident has said that there had been a few accidents at the junction recently and he is worried nothing will be done until someone dies.

Gary Nicholls, who lives in Nascot Wood Drive, was alerted to the crash by his wife.

Mr Nicholls said: "I’m a paramedic in London so went down to see if I could do anything when I heard.

"There has been a lot of near misses at the junction and it seems as though nothing will be done until someone dies there.

"There have been six or seven accidents there in recent times and the junction has been flagged up with the council.

"Something needs to be done before it is too late."

Nascot county councillor Mark Watkin said the council needs to act now.

He said : "This is a wake up call.

"Maybe at long last the council will take notice about that junction.

"It has been a cause of massive concern to residents for years.

"This is an opportunity for the county council to do something.

"My constituents have been in touch about the junction.

"I personally am concerned and I will support the residents’ desire to get something done."

The cars involved in the crash on Friday, April 25, were a blue Honda Jazz and a blue Toyota Prius.

The motorists were seen by paramedics after the collision but did not need any further medical treatment.