The vicar of Bovingdon is appealing to the community to support a church’s bid to replace a roof on its premises.

Reverend Charles Burch hopes the community will help finance the replacement of the St Lawrence church hall roof in Vicarage Lane.

The cost of the project is expected to be between £10,000 and £12,000.

He said: "The roof is tired and expired and it needs replacing so we are getting some quotes together.

"We are getting a professional roofer to do the job but that is going to cost over ten thousand pounds and that is money that the church does not really have, so we are trying to raise money from the local community."

Rev Burch expects the work to begin this summer and believes that it will be finished within a couple of weeks.

A number of community groups use the church hall and it is available for rent for parties, exercises classes or art shows.