Police have failed to make any arrests following investigations into a cannabis factory in Chipperfield.

Police discovered 100 cannabis plants after being called to Croft Meadow, Chipperfield, following reports of damage to a property on January 11.

The plants have been destroyed. The police estimate that 100 cannabis plants can be worth around £5,000, depending on the size and state of the plant.

Giles Cooper, press officer at Hertfordshire Constabulary said: "Investigations were undertaken to try and trace exactly how the property had been turned into a cannabis factory. We have fully investigated the case, followed all possible leads, but unfortunately, there are no active lines of inquiry at this stage."

Councillor Peter Ingram from Chipperfield Parish Council said: "The plants were young and not quite ready for harvesting, so it didn’t actually add to the stock of cannabis in the world, they [the police] destroyed them, but of course they trashed the house with all the equipment they put in, such as additional lighting. This was a bad experience for the owners."

The Chipperfield Parish Council Annual Report highlighted that the village had had "two instances in which an empty village property has been let, often through respectable agents, to individuals who were fronting a gang of cannabis plant growers".

Councillor Ingram added: "The message is to be on your guard if you are thinking of letting your property. You probably need to be a little bit more observant - checking on the people who are there.

"I think it reflects the positive role of neighbourhood watch to raise the awareness of ordinary householders in their community to be conscious of what is going on. It creates a self-support sense of community looking after one another’s interests. Good neighbourliness you may call it."

Hertfordshire Constabulary are not aware of the other incident mentioned by the Chipperfield Parish Council Annual Report.

Police are no longer investigating the incident at Croft Meadow.

Police are asking anyone who has information to contact them via the non-emergency number 101, citing crime reference D1/14/210. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.