A primary school in Bushey has celebrated winning an anti-bullying competition with a visit from famous dancers.

Bournehall Primary School in Bournehall Avenue were named winners of the competition and today they were visited by 'Got To Dance' stars Wesley Clack and Chris Donnelly, who put the students through their paces with a dance class and assembly.

As part of the Diana Award, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors ran the competition in aid of National Anti-Bullying Week.

The competition asked schools and groups of young people from across the country to show how they ‘take a stand together against bullying’.

Bournehall’s entry involved students from reception and years one, two, three, four and six making ‘stop bullying posters’, doing an anti-bullying rhyme in sign language, drawing pictures of themselves and joining them together and writing the words ‘stand together against bullying’ with their bodies. 

Bethany Ward, who teaches at the school said the school were "thrilled" with the win.

She said: "It is a very important issue and to have won is brilliant. The staff and school are very proud of the achievement.

"The school were very excited to be visited by Mr Clack and Mr Donnelly come in, and they spoke to students about measures that are in place to prevent bullying.

"All in all it was a great success."