Mild winter weather is likely to lead to a plague of pesky insects in Hertfordshire, experts have warned.

Temperatures rarely dropped below freezing during one of the warmest winters on record.

That will have an inevitable impact on the pest population for the rest of the year, according to Rob Simpson, of pest controllers register Basis Prompt.

He said: "The numbers of many insects in the UK are naturally diminished by cold winters, but the weather has been very different this year.

"Temperatures all over the country have been much warmer than normal and that could lead to a significant increase in the pest population.

"Many will have come out of hibernation early to seek food and begin the reproduction process.

"Flies, fleas, ants and wasps that would usually remain dormant for much longer will become active sooner, leading to more prolific breeding trends and therefore a larger population.

"We’ll only know for sure later in the year, but it could be that we’re facing a summer of bugs."