Retired manager of Watford FC Graham Taylor is to be honoured with the freedom of the borough of Watford.

In a joint statement issued on Friday, the leaders of all three parties on the council agreed to support the motion, which will be decided at a special meeting of the council on Monday, June 25.

Leader of the council Vince Muspratt, leader of the Liberal Democrats Iain Sharpe and leader of the Conservatives Tim Williams said: "Graham involved the club in local initiatives and brought it into the heart of the town.

"The club's successes became our successes and we all felt its setbacks.

"Graham Taylor is a gentleman, who has brought honour to our town. It is only right the council should now honour him."

In addition, the council will be opening a public book of well wishes for people to record their feelings about the local hero. The pages of messages will be bound in a leather case and presented to Mr Taylor at a civic reception in the autumn.

The pages will be open from Monday until Friday, July 27, at the one-stop shop at Watford Town Hall.

[Posted online on the Watford Observer website on May 11, 2001]

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