Watford politicians and charities have backed a company which looks to ensure donations reach the people who need them.

Richard Harrington MP and Watford and Three Rivers Trust are inviting local charities and businesses to find out more about Golden Giving, a company which has been set up to ensure that 100 per cent of charitable donations reach the charities they are intended for.

Eva Perez of Golden Giving has explained that over £1 billion a year is donated to charities online, yet charities can be charged a fee for this service.

Golden Giving offers the same service without fees, in an effort to try and bring back more ethical giving - which Eva says is the main aim behind the organisation, and could mean between £100 to £200 million a year more will reach charity front line causes.

Watford and Three Rivers Trust have been working with Golden Giving for the past year, and CEO Bob Jones added: "All charities need strong partnerships with good partners. Golden Giving provides free tools of practical value to local charities and we encourage our members to look at the Golden Giving offer. They levy no charges or fees, simplify much of the work around Gift Aid, and provide a high level of friendly support."

If you are involved with a local charity and would like to find out more, you can contact Golden Giving on info@goldengiving.com. Businesses can also benefit with free company fundraising, matched fundraising, and corporate social responsibility packages.