More than £11,000 has been raised for charity after a woman from Bushey, inspired by her two friends battling cancer, created a team of more than 130 women to take part in Race for Life.

Sara Nathan decided to set up a group to run under the name "Sara n Pipa Kick Ass" about six weeks ago with the target of getting 100 women runners to raise £10,000, supporting her two close friends Sara Collins, 39, and Pipa Oliveri, 43, who are currently battling cancer.

Over the past weeks, 130 people have registered to run and more than £11,000 has been raised.

Mrs Nathan, who lives in Cotswold Avenue, said she was "inspired" by her friend’s battles.

She said: "Too many people are going through this. Watching my two best friends suffer is the most awful thing I have experienced and has been heartbreaking.

"To see your friends go through the treatment for cancer is sole destroying you want to stay strong for them but inside you are crying, without my best friends I am nothing.

"I decided I wanted to raise money to help find a cure within our lifetime and came up with the idea."

Sara Collins has was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has been through Chemotherapy, a full mastectomy, and now faces radiation and further surgery. 

She had her last radio therapy session last week and will take part in the race.

Pipa Oliveri, who lives in Brooksmans Park, was originally diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer, last November. When she was operated on in December, doctors found two grade-two Mucinous Carcinoma.

Her treatment to date has been five chemo sessions with the final one in two weeks and then followed by radiotherapy for one month.

Mrs Oliveri, mother of four, said: "The support has been overwhelming and we can’t believe how much has been raised."

Mrs Nathan, 41, continued: "The girls' bravery has astounded me. I am so pleased that Pipa and Sara have become friends so they can give each other support during this harrowing time.

"It feels amazing to have raised so much money and gathered such strong support.

"We are doing this for everyone affected by cancer.

"The most important thing is to find a cure. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a scientist, so the only way to help is to raise money towards a cure. It’s nothing compared to what these girls and others have been through but it makes me feel like I’m doing something to show them support. They are the brave ones, I take my hat off to them they are living with this on a daily basis, to do a little charity work is nothing compared to the fight they have faced. I love them both very much and only wish them health and happiness."

The Race for Life run is taking place on Sunday June 15 at Cassiobury Park.  To donate to the Kick Ass team visit: