Meet Fred the humorous skeleton - who puts a "sparkle" in the eyes of Bushey school children as they pass him on the way to school.

Now part of the Goodkind family, Fred has become a hit with passers-by since Marc Goodkind bought him a few years ago.

Fred was originally purchased for Halloween. After being forgotten, he was later dressed in an Easter outfit and hung from the front window.

The family, who live on the corner of The Avenue and Grange road, received such a good response they have continued to dress him ever since.

Mr Goodkind, a father of three, said: "The reaction has been incredible. We now receive two or three letters a week from total strangers. A lot of the letters are from children, who have requests about outfit changes.

"My kids love it as well. They named him and dress the skeleton in their own clothes.

"Fred is definitely 100 per cent of the family now."

Watford Observer:

Over Christmas, Fred, who was dressed in a Santa outfit, received a number of cards and presents. He also has his own twitter account with 359 followers. Followers write to him with outfit requests.

Mr Goodkind, 40, continued: "We have even had builders knock on the door to ask for a picture of the skeleton.

"We take requests from strangers about outfits, it is all good fun.

"It is all totally bizarre. We never expected such a big reaction. What started as a joke has really gathered pace.

"Fred has more followers than me. We will definitely continue to do this for a while after receiving such a positive reaction.

"We are running out of ideas for outfits, so ideas are welcome."

Watford Observer:

Rico Luzzi drives past the house every day to drop his son at Starlight Nursery and his daughter at Bournehall Primary.

The 39-year-old who lives in The Copse said his children were "thrilled" when they first noticed the skeleton, and now look out for it every day.

Mr Luzzi said: "My children cannot wait to drive past the skeleton every day.

"It really puts a sparkle in their eyes. They hang out of the windows when the outfits change to get a good glimpse, and then go into school and discuss it.

"I have heard conversations in the school gates as well, it really is a talking point.

"I am so chuffed that someone would go to this effort for the community and hope it continues for a while."

Football-loving Fred is on twitter at: @Bushey_Skeleton