UK Independence Party is promising to cap council officials’ pay, roll back parking restrictions and introduce an office of Common Sense if they capture Watford’s mayoralty.

The party has also pledged to crackdown on councillors posting on websites anonymously and to let voters decided on council services with referenda in their manifesto, which was released today.

Other key promises include ditching proposals to make Watford a 20mph town and suspending plans to build 700 homes behind Vicarage Road until after Watford General Hospital has been regenerated.

Read the full manifesto here:

UKIP Watford Manifesto 2014.pdf

The party is contesting the mayoral elections, on May 22, for the first time this year and has chosen IT businessman Phil Cox as its candidate.

If elected Mr Cox said he would create an Office of Common Sense at Watford Council, which would be manned by existing borough staffed.

The manifesto said: "It will be expected to take a common sense view of complaints or suggestions and offer common sense solutions".

The party has also pledged to halt work on the current health campus scheme, saying its current guise is "a glorified housing estate."

They said a UKIP administration would then hold a public review of the project and wait for the promised upgrade of Watford General Hospital before building homes on the site.

It has also pledged to make all bins collected weekly, introduce a 'manned taxi rank sanctuary' at night in town centre and review purple flag award scheme, which the council pays to be apart of.

The party has said it will review parking all restrictions in Watford with a view to reducing or removing them and it will look at introducing free parking periods in shopping areas in the town.

One of the main planks of UKIP’s manifesto in Watford is to make the council more democratic and transparent.

It said it will hold referenda on issues for which more than five per cent of the town’s voters say they want one.

The party has also said it planned "to stamp out the practice of councillors trying to push their own agenda by masquerading under false names as supportive or hostile members of the public in local papers or on websites."

Other initiatives mooted by UKIP were to publish details of all salaries of council staff earning more than £69,000, to review of senior pay packets and cap future wages at the council.

It has promised a review of union representation at the council and the cost it poses to taxpayers.

The party has also said if elected it wants all council staff trained or involved with leadership development organisation, Common Purpose, to officially register their involvement.

Common Purpose describes itself as an organisation that "gives people from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors the inspiration, skills and connections to become better leaders at work and in society."

The organisation has been attacked by critics as "an elitist pro-EU political organisation helping to replace democracy in UK".

In its manifesto Watford UKIP said: "Common Purpose must not be allowed to set any agendas or run any parallel operation within the council."