Watfordians appear conflicted about the prospect of the town becoming the setting for a new 'The Only Way Is Essex' style scripted reality show.

People in the town have used social media sites to express everything from excitement to unbridled horror at news TV producers are auditioning for “We are Watford”.

The tweet that started it all








Here’s a round-up of some of the best reactions:

1. The reaction from some people was immediate - and terse.


2. Some feared the show would not exactly enhance the town’s reputation.


TOWIE being filmed in Waltham Cross. Similar scenes could be coming to Watford.

Watford Observer:


3. Others wondered if the town is interesting enough to sustain the nation’s attention.


4. The news caused a few Twitter users to lapse into unrestrained despair.


5. One person hoped it was all a cruel joke.


6. At one point the Almighty was invoked to intervene.


7. However some suspected the protestations just haughty feigns from those who would happily watch the show anyway.


8. On the plus side for the producers, quite a few people instantly had fellow Watfordians in mind as potential characters for the show.


9. For some it seemed to represent a potential high-watermark for British TV.


10. Some people even sensed an opportunity to launch their own celebrity career.