It is not surprising that some alarm has been caused in Watford by the large number of street accidents which have recently occurred in the town.

Two of these accidents have resulted in the death of a nurse and a Grammar School boy respectively.

At the inquest on the latter, the Coroner commented upon the fact that six accidents to cyclists were recorded in the Observer last week and he added that “something should be done”.

The Foreman of the Jury suggested the speed limit throughout the town should be reduced to six miles an hour until such time as the streets were widened.

Three letters on “street dangers” are to be found in our columns this week. The suggestions made by our correspondents are briefly, that more police should be stationed at dangerous corners, motorists should be made to travel slowly in congested areas and that, where possible, obstructions to the view of converging roads should be removed.

[Editor’s comment from the Watford Observer of May 14, 1921]

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