Two council workers stumbled across a large amount of herbal cannabis at a fly-tipping hot-spot in Bushey.

The evironmental health officers from Hertsmere Borough Council found the sizeable stash of herbal cannabis at at Hilfield Lane South last Friday.

Watford Observer:

Gavin Burns and Kate Penn were making a routine visit to site in Bushey which had previously been a favourite with fly-tippers until regular checks, camera surveillance and a recent court case had served as a deterrent. 

Hoping to find it clean and tidy, they instead found three large laundry bags stuffed full of herbal cannabis. 

A further two laundry bags containing herbal cannabis were located at the same site yesterday.

Gavin Burns, the council's Principal Environmental Health Officer, said: "Finding unexpected items when searching for evidence in fly-tips is not unusual, and past items have included birth certificates, cheque books, passports and a set of handcuffs. We find around one fly-tip of cannabis factory waste each year, but it usually consists mainly of soil and plant stems with no value.

Watford Observer:

"The council works closely with the police on fly-tipping and a wide range of other issues.  I immediately contacted the Bushey & Radlett Safer Neighbourhood Team, who removed the cannabis for destruction."

PC Iain Wise said: "The cannabis was not very good quality so could be a crop that didn’t work or it may be someone clearing out a ‘cannabis factory.’ We are working closely with Hertsmere Borough Council’s environmental health officers to find out who is responsible.  If you recall seeing anyone acting suspiciously with large laundry bags, probably overnight, please call police on 101."