"Slapping down yellow paint" is not the right solution to solving the parking problems in Kings Langley, a Hertfordshire county councillor said.

Kings Langley representative Richard Roberts said he has been meeting residents to discuss the best solutions to the parking problems in Rockcliffe Avenue - problems said to be caused by a combination of students and commuters parking down the street.

However, the Conservative councillor told the Watford Observer: "What we don’t want to do is slap down yellow paint everywhere because that will just wind everyone up and will mean there will not be enough parking in Kings Langley. But we need to find the right balance.

"We have come up with some solutions which we will put to residents. All we can do is listen to residents’ concerns and respond to these."

It is expected that the "informal consultation" will be delivered to Rockliffe Avenue residents in the next couple of weeks.

Councillor Roberts allocated £7,136 from his Highways Locality Budget Scheme to help implement waiting restrictions along Watford Road. In 2013, the county council put yellow lines along Watford Road.

As a result, more people began parking in surrounding roads, such as Rockliffe Avenue, Langley Crescent, Avenue Approach and Jubilee Walk.

Cars can not park along Watford Road between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

The yellow-lines along Watford Road were expected to be the first part of a two-stage scheme and the Watford Observer understands that councillors expected that they would have to consider the traffic on the surrounding roads after putting these restrictive measures in.

Alan Anderson, Dacorum councillor for Kings Langley said: "As far as I am concerned, it is a case of the borough council waiting for the county council to provide the funds for the borough council to do the consultation on a mini "CPZ." [Controlled parking zone]

"If there are a number of formal objections, we will not be able to do the scheme. We are just waiting for the funding."