Better bus routes, improved parking and the introduction of solar panels on council buildings are among the pledges political parties are promising Bushey voters in the upcoming local elections.

Elections are being held for 13 seats across Hertsmere on May 22, including four in Bushey that are being defended by the Conservatives.

Hertsmere Borough Council holds ‘elections by thirds’, which means that elections are held each year for three successive years out of four.

From May 2015 whole council elections may take place once every four years if the council decides to change the voting system later this year.

Although none of the parties can take control of the council from the ruling Conservatives on May 22, the Watford Observer asked each what they would do for the people of Watford if they won a seat.

The Conservatives, who currently control the council, have promised to ensure that Hertsmere is a "great place to live and work".

With regards to local charities, the party said they have continued to deliver extra money for the Citizen's Advice Bureau to provide debt management advice and make community grants of over £300,000 a year.

The Conservatives said they have always sought to be a "listening authority that provides the best services at the fairest of prices".

Labour said they did not agree with the way the Tories use their reserve money. They believe the £30 million invested in banks is going down in value year on year.

Labour also believe the Tories are using the new homes bonus to subsidize the council tax instead of spending the money as it was intended on area where the houses are being built.

Bushey Liberal Democrats said if elected they would aim to provide an effective and constructive opposition on the council, not getting involved in "petty party politics".

They have also pledged to preserve green spaces in Bushey, lobby for the better maintenance of the roads and pavements and lobby for a better bus service in the area.

The only green candidate running is Edward Canfor-Dumas in Bushey St James. He said if he was elected he would encourage more recycling of waste and promote schemes to recycle unwanted possessions.

In addition, he would argue solar panels to be installed on all council buildings in the borough.
If the independent candidate in Bushey North were to win it would be the first time in the council’s history. 

Wayne Thomas, who has lived in Bushey for nearly 30 years, said he wanted to make sure residents issues were listened to, and promised to "champion people’s causes".

He said he would aim to tackle the issues of street lights, parking, over developments and bus routes.

UKIP has promised to demand the council bring pressure on Hertfordshire County Council to implement a programme of remedial works on highways. They said they would campaign for street lighting to be restored during the festive season of Christmas and New Year.

Also on UKIPs agenda is to demand that the "present discrimination" by Hertsmere Borough Council against Christian religious groups by "denying them the right to hire a market stall during the period of Advent, to celebrate and promote the festival of Christmas be withdrawn".