Dacorum Borough Council has won a historic court case banning raw placenta from human consumption.

District Judge, Annabel Pilling, from Watford Magistrates Court ruled on Wednesday May 14, that Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN) cannot process raw placenta for human consumption.

The judge ruled that a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order was necessary to protect public health after Dacorum Borough Council discovered that the smoothies and capsules made by IPEN Ltd, were considered an imminent risk to health.

Two Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notices were issued by Dacorum Borough Council’s environmental health officers on October 21 and December 10.

Councillor Neil Harden, portfolio holder for residents and regulatory services said: "We took this action in order to protect public health by ensuring that food products from establishments in the Borough are safe to eat and will not cause disease or ill health.

"Our Environmental Health team inspect and regulate around 1,647 food business operators across Dacorum, providing advice and support to ensure they meet strict food hygiene standards. We take court action as a last resort.

"I am pleased that this outcome means that we have set a standard for businesses that deal with raw, processed or cooked placenta."

Dacorum Council has told anyone buying services involving human placentas that they should check whether the business dealing with it has produced it safely.

IPEN Ltd is the only known food business operating within Dacorum using human placenta and Dacorum Borough Council has urged any other businesses within the borough using placentas to contact Dacorum Borough Council’s Environment Health team on 01442 228000.