A supposed Second World War bomb has been found in Watford.

Officers were called at 9.20am to Tolpits Lane after construction work uncovered a "device".

EOD, the army specialist bomb unit, were called to the scene and have "made the device safe".

Initial reports suggested the device dates back to Second World War.

Vicarage Road, between Rose Gardens and Scammell Way, was closed for over an hour this morning while emergency services dealt with the incident.

The road is now re-open.

The device was discovered under a railway bridge on Vicarage Road, near Harwoods Recreation Grounds and Laurance Haines Primary School.

Rose Gardens resident Len Bull was shocked it had been unearthed at the end of his road.

The 75-year-old said: “I saw a couple of cars up here. If they found it, good luck to them. It’s been there a long time. If there’s one there could be another.”

Sugar and Spice Mini Supermarket manager Fazal Hassan witnessed the police activity.

He said: “The police closed the road for about an hour or hour and a half, I heard people saying there was an incident at the bridge.

“The police put a gate up to stop anybody going through.

“Nobody told me anything. If it exploded it would have been a problem.”

One parent of a pupil at Laurance Haines Primary said he was glad the device had been found at last.

He said: “I’d rather they found it now than when they had got the heavy duty diggers on the site.

“But finding these devices happens.”