British Rail plans to redevelop the Watford Junction station area and the Woodford Road frontage have been ruled out by Watford Borough Council’s town planning committee.

They have told the estate surveyor to British Railways, London Midland Region, that the council is not prepared to give favourable consideration to such a planning application.

Mr C. Grant-Ross, a development surveyor for London Midland Region, told the Watford Observer: “We haven’t got any plans, drawings, programme or anything for this redevelopment.

“We just thought we would like to see a development at the station, but we recognised the blessings of the local planning authority are a pre-requisite to anything of that nature so we merely wrote to them asking what the prospects were.”

It is understood that the redevelopment would have included a new office building and the station area is not allocated for office use by the borough council.

[From the Watford Observer of May 25, 1971]

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