The magistrates at Watford Police Court on Tuesday were called upon to decide whether a certain penny-in-the-slot machine exhibited in a confectioner’s shop at Watford came within the provisions of the Gaming Act of 1845.

The machine was called “Chicago Club House” and by the insertion of one penny, the user received a piece of chewing gum.

At the same time, five drums on which miniature playing cards were fixed, rotated. If it were found when the drums stopped that the cards showed certain combinations, the player secured so many points or, in other words, obtained credit to the value of an equal number of pennies.

A constable who tried the machine was lucky enough to secure 20 points and obtained from the proprietor cigarettes to the value of 1s 8d.

The Bench found the machine could be used legally and illegally and imposed a fine of 20s.

[From the Watford Observer of June 9, 1934]

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