Smokers using the Underground will soon have to choose between cutting down on the habit or putting up with slightly more crowded conditions on the trains.

London Transport have decided to increase the proportion of non-smoking cars.

At present, the proportion of non-smoking carriages on the Underground generally varies between one-half and two-thirds, according to the line and the length of train. In the future, on the Central, Victoria and Metropolitan lines, eight-car trains will have six non-smoking cars instead of four, and on the Bakerloo, Northern and Piccadilly line seven car trains, it is proposed to have five non-smoking cars instead of four.

In addition there will be no smoking whatever allowed on any London Transport single-deck buses.

A London Transport spokesman said: “The only further step possible on the Underground would be a complete ban on smoking – as is the case on the underground and bus systems in nearly all overseas cities. We don’t consider this would be justified at present.”

[From the Watford Observer of June 8, 1971]

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