Lower Queen’s Road could become the Petticoat Lane of Watford if a group of traders have their way and introduce Sunday morning opening.

Mr Ivor Newman, who has run a pet shop in Queen’s Road for over 50 years, told the Watford Observer:

“The one-way system has cut our trade considerably. In fact this part of Queen’s Road is now known as the Ghost Road. Our rates have gone up too, so we’ve got to get the money back some way. With Sunday morning opening, this area could become a sort of Petticoat Lane – without the stalls, of course – and several of us are willing to try it. We understand it’s all quite legal so long as we’re not employing anyone. If they will not let us open on Sundays, though, they will have to cut our rates.”

Mr Angus Forbes, of Odds and Ends (bric-a-brac) says: “The idea has been put to me and I think it’s a good one. I’m going to give it a try.”

Mr Stan Freeman, of the Music Shop, says: “It is a poor traffic scheme and has drawn too tight a circle. This has undoubtedly affected trade. In fact, the traders here considered holding a cricket match in the road one Saturday.”

However, not all traders agree there is a need for Sunday opening.

Mr Philip Beatty, who has a clothes shop, says: “It’s a lot of bunkum. They haven’t got a case. This was tried in Leavesden Road and it didn’t work. If you can’t make a living in six days you might as well give up.”

[From the Watford Observer of June 29, 1971]

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