A Kings Langley charity has joined efforts to get the Government to relax prison parcel restrictions, which opponents say stop inmates getting books.

The Book Trade Charity (BTBS), based in The Retreat has joined Howard League for Penal Reform to promote the league’s Books for Prisoners campaign.

The two charities are supporting "A Night in the Cells", which is being arranged and sponsored by Pavilion Books.

"A Night in the Cells" will see high-profile figures from the literary world compete in an online auction and the top six fundraisers will be locked in a cell overnight at the Pavilion Books offices, Old West London Magistrates Court, on Thursday, June 19.

Noteable participants include David Young, CEO of Orion Books, Frances Crook, chief executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform and author Kathy Lette.

The two charities aim to raise £90,000.

David Hicks, chief executive of BTBS, said: "All involved in BTBS are excited to be involved in this unique and imaginative event.

"Funds raised will help us continue to support those in need in the book trade; people who have spent their lives promoting and encouraging reading. The fact that we can also highlight the iniquitous issue of banning the sending of books into prison is a special bonus."

The campaign is calling on the government to end restrictions which prevent families and friends sending books, underwear and other essentials to prisoners.

The ban on sending books to inmates is part of the Ministry of Justice’s "incentives and earned privileges" regime. This initiative requires prisoners to "further their rehabilitation" in addition to behaving well in order to earn privileges.