A Watford football fan has written an unofficial England World Cup song, with all proceeds going to Diabetes UK.

Musician Chris Ambrose’s Hearts and Lions pop-rock anthem has already struck a chord with listeners, with the song’s YouTube video attracting nearly 250 views in the first week.

The 27-year-old from Nascot Wood took on the challenge to write a World Cup song after England qualified last autumn.

The song, Hearts and Lions - The Perfect Game, has been released this week - a month to go until the first England game in the World Cup.

Mr Ambrose, of Church Road, said: "The excitement for the World Cup is really building, and I wanted to take on a challenge to write and perform a football song that included all the elements that an anthem should have.

"The song had to be catchy, have a good chorus and of course be a little cheesy.

"There have been some classic anthems in the past, as well as some spectacularly forgettable ones.

"I hope mine represents the spirit of English football and falls into the classic category."

Watford Observer:

Chris’s guitar-led anthem uses classic pop rock riffs to draw in the listeners.

The catchy and optimistic lyrics speak of a "beautiful day", "perfect game" with the chorus building to a punchy "game on" chant.

Diabetes UK supporter Chris was inspired to set up the donation by his housemate who works for the charity.

He said: "I wanted to give something back to charity, so I am donating all the proceeds from the song to Diabetes UK.

"My housemate works for the charity, and so I see and hear about all the fantastic work that the charity does, and the difference it makes to people’s lives."

Clare Allen, Diabetes UK area fundraising manger, said: "Writing a football song is a very novel way to fundraise for our charity, and we really hope that Chris manages to get in the charts with The Perfect Game.

"All the money that Chris raises will help us to get information and support to the 3.8 million people living with diabetes."

The Perfect Game song is available to download from itunes at http://goo.gl/5zI2Km and Amazon at http://goo.gl/HVEYFP .

The song costs 99p and all the proceeds will be donated to Diabetes UK.

For more information on diabetes visit www.diabetes.org.uk.