Residents opposed to the development of a hotel in Bovingdon haven’t been consulted enough, according to a local councillor.

Dacorum Borough Councillor, Jack Organ believes not enough has been done to address residents’ concerns about the development of the Bobsleigh Hotel, Hempstead Road.

The council’s planning committee was set to meet on Thursday June 5 to consider the proposals to knock down the 47 bed hotel and replace it with a new 100 plus bed venue but this has now been delayed.

The venue is owned by Macdonald Hotels.

Councillor Jack Organ said: "I am not against the development of the Bobsleigh, but I don’t think that the current application works.

"It does appear that the Macdonald Group have not consulted with the residents enough."

As part of the proposals put forward by the owners of the hotel, additional parking will be created and two mobile homes will be relocated on the Hempstead Road site.

Councillor Organ added: "I don’t think they have done enough to listen to residents and I don’t think they have taken their views on board."

"They should have gone in and explained it more fully to local residents, demonstrating, that where possible, concerns had been taken on board and where it is not possible, explain why these concerns cannot be taken on board."

68 objections have been lodged against the proposed development, which was first registered in June 2013.

Brad Gunn, chair of Bovingdon Action Group said: "We think that the Bobsleigh needs to be redeveloped but it is in green belt land, so it needs to be developed sympathetically and needs to be in line with the location.

"We have had a number of meetings with the owners about our concerns. We think there has been some progress.

There has been small progress, but not nearly where we hoped."

A statement from Macdonald Hotels said: "There has already been a public exhibition and local consultations regarding the proposed development of the Macdonald Bobsleigh Hotel, Bovingdon.

"A number of meetings have also been held with the local MP, councillors, planners and community groups.

"We expect to be in a position to submit our proposals to the local planning committee in the near future."