A 24-strong team of women will be stepping out together on Saturday, June 21, for the Peace Hospice Care Starlight Walk in memory of two dearly missed friends.

Calling themselves the "Loopy Laaadies", they will be dedicating every footstep to Susan Toll who died in January 2014 in the Hospice Inpatient Unit, and Marie Turpie, who died unexpectedly on February 15, 2014.

The fundraisers, who are all associated with Watford Fields Infants and Junior Schools, are a combination of dinner ladies, teaching assistants and other staff from the schools.

They are currently the biggest team to enter the 2014 Starlight Walk and will be wearing photos of both Susan and Marie on their Starlight Walk T-shirts.

Team organiser Helen Lynch explained that the idea of a big team walk had originated from Marie Turpie who was a long term charity fundraiser.

Helen said: "Marie had suggested that we all do the London to Brighton Walk this year. We weren't up to walking that far so instead we decided to do the Starlight Walk."

When Marie passed away unexpectedly in February, a decision was made to continue with her fundraising idea and combine the walk to not only remember Susan, the mother of Kerry, one of the walkers, but also Marie. To register for the Starlight Walk visit