A dad who tripped up an under-16s rugby player as his son's team was being hammered in a cup final has been given a two-year touchline ban.

The Rugby Football Union's (RFU) issued the ban after the Hertfordshire Shield game between Watford's Fullerians and Royston on April 27.

The father of a Fullerians' player was pictured sticking out his foot at a Royston player after the team were losing.

Fullerians' originally banned the man for six matches and put him on probation.

Tim Bonnett, chairman of community rugby at Hertfordshire Rubgy Football Union, said following an investigation the father has been banned or two years.

He said: "The person involved has been banned for two years, one year of the ban is suspended.

"He can still come to the club so his son can continue in the team. However he cannot be anywhere near the pitch at training or at matches.

"The man involved is very apologetic and said he is ashamed of what happened. He is very sorry for the damage caused to the image of rugby. He doesn’t know what caused him to act in that way."

Royston went on to win the game 64-5 and the match was ended prematurely with ten minutes to go.