The statisticians have been studying the cinema-going habits of people in the Eastern Region.

In the country as a whole, they find, admissions to the cinema were down by 7.4 per cent in 1955, but in the Eastern Region, they were down by only 4.5 – the lowest percentage decrease of any region in the country.

On average, each person in the Eastern Region went to the cinema 16 times in 1955, compared with a national average of 24 visits during the year. Visits to the cinema in 1955 per person were lower in the region than in any other in Great Britain. Actually, there are fewer cinemas – only one for every 15,000 of the population, compared with the national average of one for every 11,000.

On his visits, however, the average person in the Eastern Region spent 2s 1d for his seat, compared with the national average of 1s 10d.

[From the Watford Observer of June 15, 1956]

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