A mother-of-two from Bushey said she is concerned about her children’s safety if a new bus stop is installed at the bottom of her drive.

Sophie Brasenell said she was informed by Hertfordshire County Council in May they would be adding a stop at the bottom of her drive in Bournehall Avenue due to "popular demand".

However, when Mrs Brasenell asked the council how many people had expressed an interest they could not provide a number.

Mrs Brasenell said: "We already have a stop on our side of the road at the top of the street and at the bottom, past Bournehall primary. We cannot understand why it would also be necessary to add a further one the other side of the school.

"We have also learnt that it is not only a bus stop to be added to our side of the road, outside our house and drive, but also opposite. We have school drop offs taking place and traffic moving up the street, as it is, why on earth do we need so many stops on one road.

"There are perfectly viable alternative bus stops on the road already. We are upset at the lack of consultation on the issue."

In addition to traffic concerns, Mrs Brassenell said she is concerned for the safety of her children and other school children.

The 40-year-old continued: "The safety of children, my own and school kids, will be a real issue.

"Due to the proposed stops being on our side at the bottom of the hill, there will be an added issue with drivers gathering speed to get up the hill, to then find themselves facing the back of a bus, will encourage frustration and then cause drivers to angrily overtake, further danger and I am sure only a matter of time before someone has an accident.

"Also because my drive is not long if the stop is installed people will basically be waiting in my drive for the bus because the stop is so near."

Mrs Brasenell, a college lecturer and fitness instructor, moved into her house in August. She said if she had known at the time new bus stops were to be added she may have not moved in.

Terry Douris, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: "Hertfordshire County Council was asked to consider installing additional bus stops on the 306 bus route by the local bus operator, to improve access to public transport for local residents.

"Highways officers worked with the bus operator and police to agree a safe location for a new stop in this road and contacted nearby residents as a matter of courtesy, taking their concerns into account."

The council said the Department for Transport guidelines say that, ideally, the distance between bus stops in residential areas should be 200-250m, where possible. And that public consultation is not necessary.