Pupils from Central Primary School, Watford, have been visiting the nation’s capital after raising money to fund the trip.

Pupils from nursery to Year 6 at the Derby Road school were travelling with their classmates, teachers and parents, to visit London Aquarium, the Tower of London, London Zoo, along the river, seeing shows and going out for dinner.

The visits are the culmination of a term’s fundraising, as participation for all pupils will be free of charge.

Children have spent the last term raising money for the trip, through cake sales, discos, sponsored events, costume days, and other activities, learning to work together towards the common goal of taking every pupil to London.

Work is now underway for the school’s summer fair on July 5. The trips are also supported by the Friends of Central Primary School.

The London visits have been inspired by the success of the whole school trip to Brighton in July 2013.

Some 330 pupils, with their parents and other members of the school community, travelled en masse to Brighton on July 16, 2013, with many pupils, parents and staff seeing the sea for the first time.

Headteacher, John Mynott, said: "Central Primary aims to provide pupils with life-changing experiences that they would not encounter in their everyday lives, through exciting whole-school topics every summer term."