A fitness competitor from South Oxhey was left "speechless" after coming second in the Miss Galaxy Universe competition.

Gemini Lawton, who lives just off Heysham Drive, came second in the Fitness Model over-36 category in the fitness and beauty competition on Saturday June 14.

Gemini, who works on an IT helpdesk, also won the "Outstanding Performance Sash".

She said: "It was such a shock. I cannot even begin to tell you how shocked I am. I am speechless."

The Fitness Model category is a competition made up of posing in a bikini and then an evening gown, with competitors marked for their physique, femininity, confidence and personality.

The 37 year-old entered the competition to try and overcome stage fright and,become more self-confidence.

However Gemini hit a snag when she forgot her routine mid-way through her performance.

"I totally forgot the rest of the poses that I planned to do. What I did next, I honestly do not know.

"I just couldn’t wait to get off the stage and wanted to cry.

"I had so many well-wishers it was ridiculous."

"All of the girls that stepped on stage on Saturday were winners. We were all on our own personal rollercoaster journey with ups and downs and we all made it to the end together- watching each other's backs."

Ms. Lawton also entered the "Showgirl" event, which only 10 out of the 120 entrants were selected for, and performed a roller-skating routine to Montell Jordan’s "This is how we do it."

When she was awarded the "Outstanding Performance Sash" Gemini added: "I honestly nearly fainted. I was over the moon. I wasn’t expecting to place at all.

This is the second time that Gemini has entered the Miss Galaxy Universe competition, after entering in October.

She said: "My body, as far as I was concerned, was not as good as it was in October. I never thought I would place at all."

Gemini also gave a special mention to the support she has received from people on Facebook and people who knew that she was competing in the event.

She added: "I would just like to say thank you to say thank you to the people of Watford. They had more faith in me than I did. It was so lovely. I can not thank them enough."