The rescue, under thrilling circumstances, pf a little boy from drowning in the Grand Junction Canal is reported from Boxmoor.

On Friday evening, Jack Riddell, aged two years, who resides with his parents in Two Waters Road, fell into the canal near Balderson’s bridge, and in all probability would have been drowned but for the prompt and brave measures taken by Thomas Hoar, a young man residing at Cotterells, Hemel Hempstead.

Hoar was with two companions in a rowing boat on the canal about 30 yards from the spot where the child fell in, and, as soon as he saw the boy’s predicament, he plunged fully dressed into the water, swam to the boy and brought him safely to the bank.

By this time the boy was unconscious but was restored by means of artificial respiration. Hoar, who was very modest about his achievement, which had undoubtedly been the means of saving a life, was accommodated at Riddell’s house while one of his friends went to his home to procure for him a change of clothing.

Steps are being taken to publicly recognise Hoar’s gallantry.

[From the Watford Observer of July 10, 1926]

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