A man from Rickmansworth died from an asbestos-related "industrial disease" an inquest into his death has concluded

The inquest heard Brian Chanell, 74, of Church Lane, Mill End, had been exposed to asbestos for a substantial part of his working life.

Mr Chanell had worked as a carpenter and regularly carried, loaded and unloaded asbestos sheets during the course of his work.

He started showing symptoms of the disease in July 2012.

He visited his GP with what he believed to be a chest infection, only to be diagnosed with the terminal illness.

Mr Chanell’s cause of death on March 23 this year was recorded by Watford General Hospital as pneumonia due to mesothelioma.

Coroner Edward Thomas said: "I am satisfied by the evidence that Mr Chanell had substantial exposure to asbestos.

"He was generally well, but in July 2012 he saw his GP with a chest infection.

"His antibiotics did not work and he was short of breath.

"He was sent to hospital for an X-ray. There was a suspicion of mesothelioma and after a CT scan was carried out that diagnosis was made.

"I am satisfied Mr Chanell died of industrial disease."