A plate from one of the recently demolished gas holders in Rickmansworth was officially presented to the Three Rivers Museum on Monday.

Councillor Les Mead - on his final official engagement as chairman of Three Rivers District Council - collected the plate on behalf of Three Rivers Museum to commemorate the dismantling of the two gasholders, which were based along Wharf Lane.

Councillor Mead filmed the demolition of the gasholders for the museum in Rickmansworth High Street and after spotting the plate, he asked if the museum could have it.

National Grid presented the plaque during a special ceremony at Basing House.

The gasholders, which were opened in 1852, were dismantled earlier this year as part of National Grid’s programme to regenerate unused industrial land.

Councillor Mead believes the ceremony was an excellent way to finish as chairman.

He said: "It was a fantastic way of finishing. My thing has been heritage the whole way through my 12 months of being chairman."