A convenience store’s hygiene rating has been upgraded after the owners spent thousands of pounds refurbishing the shop.

Day 1, based along St Albans Road has been upgraded from a zero hygiene rating to a three following a recent inspection.

Shazia Praveer, owner, said: "We did refurbishment work. We got new lights, new toilets, new equipment and cleaned it properly.

"You know when you clean something really good, bleaching it and cleaning it right at the back, that is what we did."

"We also installed new tiles. We have just made it more hygienic and clean."

The owner, who took over the Watford-based shop in November added: "I went on a food hygiene course because it is a new business and I wanted to make myself aware of how to handle the food and inform the staff on how to handle it hygienically.

"It is all about hygiene."

Day 1 was rated as 0 by the Food Standards Agency in October 2012.