More than £34,000 has been raised for charity after a team of 150 women took part in a 5k run.

Sara Nathan set up a group to run under the name "Sara n Pipa Kick Ass" supporting her two close friends Sara Collins, 39, and Pipa Oliveri, 43, who are currently battling cancer.

The group ran the race for life in Watford on Sunday.

Mrs Nathan, who lives in Cotswold Avenue, said the support was "absolutely overwhelming".

She said: "The race couldn’t have gone any better. It was an emotional day and we are all still buzzing. We are already planning for next year which will be bigger and better.

"Sara and Pipa got a real buzz on the day. It was the first day Sara went out without her wig and she looked absolutely amazing."

Sara Collins was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has been through chemotherapy, a full mastectomy, and now faces radiation and further surgery.

Pipa Oliveri, who lives in Brooksmans Park, was originally diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer, last November. When she was operated on in December, doctors found two grade-two Mucinous Carcinoma.

Her treatment to date has been six chemo sessions and she will have radiotherapy for one month this year.

Mrs Oliveri, mother of four, said: "Sunday was absolutely incredible.

"The support has been phenomenal and extremely overwhelming.

"We are still recovering from the race, and cannot believe how much has been raised. We absolutely smashed the target."

The race for life took place on Sunday June 15 at Cassiobury Park.  The team have made a video of the race. To view it visit: