A customer is battling the Asda store in Watford over a parking ticket he got for using a parent and child space to collect his sister’s seven and three-year-old sons.

Ali Butt, 27, is challenging the "unfair" £70 ticket issued when he entered the supermarket to pick up his family and help his sister with her shopping - without having a booster seat visible in his car.

He said: "My sister called me to come to get them. I parked in the parent and child space as normal when I have kids with me.

"That’s what they are there for - to get the kids in the car. Especially as you have buggies and things to get in the car too. I wasn’t doing anything wrong as far as I was aware.

"I’ve never before seen a parking warden and I’ve been shopping there for 10 years.

"I didn’t realise I had a ticket until I got back to the house - it was smaller than an Asda receipt, put under my windscreen wiper."

Ali, who works as a supervisor at the post office store on Watford Road, said he immediately appealed the ticket with Asda.

He was in touch with the store manager and Asda’s head office Asda House to resolve the situation.

He said: "They asked if I had a booster seat in the car, I said yes. But I have blacked out windows, they said I might have got the ticket because he couldn’t see the booster seat - does that mean because I have blacked windows I should have to pay a ticket?"

Ali is still fighting the ticket, more than a week after he was given the notice.

He understands Asda has cancelled the fine, but at the time of going to print that was yet to be confirmed with SmartPark.

Ali continued: "I wanted people using the car park at the Asda supermarket in Watford to be aware they are giving parking tickets unfairly."

Asda has apologised for the "misunderstanding".

Lauren Pell, a spokesman for the store, said: "We know that being able to park quickly and safely is one of our customer’s top priorities when visiting our stores, which is why our attendants are always diligent in their duties. We would like to apologise to Mr Butt for any misunderstanding on this occasion and reassure him that the ticket has been cancelled."