A politician said he is "on the warpath" after rubbish was dumped in the road near a fly-tipping hotspot in Bushey.

Hertsmere Borough Councillor Leslie Winters’ comments came after bricks and wood were dumped in Hilfield Lane on Wednesday.

Councillor Winters, who coned off the area for fear of an accident, said rubbish is dumped on the road weekly and it is only a matter of time before it causes an accident.

The Bushey North councillor said: "Flytipping is a horrible thing to do, and shows absolutely no respect for local people.

"It makes me nervous for people on motorbikes. The rubbish could be extremely dangerous and I am outraged.

"This is a serious issue and is really affecting the residents of Bushey North.

"Not only does it cost a lot of money to remove the rubbish, it damages the environment and could affect the health of local people.

"On Wednesday it caused traffic hold ups, with lorries struggling to get through. It is not good enough."

In the past nine months, 17 people have been summoned to court, charged or cautioned as a result of the police and council working together.

Richard Kamenik was leaving a friend’s house by Hilfield Lane a month ago when he had a "near miss" at the same spot.

He ran into a batch of concrete blocks and was forced to pay nearly £1,000 to repair the damage.

Mr Kamenik said: "This site has been a problem for a couple of years now and it is getting worse. It is only a matter of time before there is an accident.

"I skidded on the road, and if a car had been coming the other way it could be been serious."

This latest incident comes in the same week as two men were fined more than £1,000 for dumping at the same spot.

Philip William Cash and his son William Joseph Cash, both from Harrow, pleaded guilty to six counts of failing in their duty of care as carriers and brokers of controlled waste at Watford Magistrates Court on June 23.

In June 2013 the pair removed waste from a private house in Ruislip and the waste was found two days later in Hilfield Lane South.

Then in October 2013 the police were called to Hilfield Lane and Summerhouse Lane in Aldenham after reports that mixed builders' waste and carpet were blocking the roads.

Documents in the waste led the police to the culprits.

The pair were both fined £1100 with a £20 victim surcharge and costs of £325.

Principal environmental health officer Gavin Burns said: "Fly-tipping is a serious crime for which a court can impose an unlimited fine and up to five years' imprisonment. We work in partnership with the local police to trace and apprehend offenders.

Anybody who passes waste to an unknown person without exchanging traceable paperwork immediately commits an offence.

This also applies to local residents, who should not pay to have waste removed from their property without first checking that the person removing the waste is a licensed waste carrier, and always obtain a receipt."

Last week, a caravan that was dumped in Hilfield Lane cost taxpayers £450 to remove.

PC Philip Tuck, rural and wildlife crime officer for Hertsmere, who works closely with officers from the council to tackle fly-tipping, said: "Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and we use a number of covert methods in the fight against it."

Councillor Jean Heywood, portfolio holder for environment and transport, said: "Hopefully this court case sends out a clear message about how rigorously the council and police will pursue those who fail in their responsibilities as waste carriers, as well as those commit fly-tipping offences."

To report flytipping call the police on the non-emergency number 101 or dial 999 if you see the incident taking place or it is dangerous.