Among other wartime laxities in our district is the prevalence of cycling in Cassiobury Park.

The park was acquired for the recreation and enjoyment of the public. At the various entrances notices are displayed prohibiting cycling within the park. The use of certain portions by units for military training led to a relaxation of the conditions in their favour, but this concession has been followed by a general disregard of the prohibition.

Walking quietly along the paths the pedestrian is at any time liable to be overtaken by cyclists or warned by the ringing of a bell that they require right of way. At the present time this indiscriminate cycling constitutes both a nuisance and a danger.

To deal with the situation, the Estates Committee recommended the Town Council permit cycling on a track from the entrance near The Gardens to the entrance near Shepherds Road, with the proviso there should be no riding past the tea pavilion or nursery centre, and none in any other part of the park.

Members from all parts of the council chamber opposed this recommendation and voted for its deletion.

We are glad to find the council so alert to its responsibility to conserve the park for the enjoyment of the public, and trust this decision will be rigorously enforced and offenders brought to judgement.

[From the Watford Observer of July 28, 1944]

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