A school in Bushey has taken part in an exchange with a school in Taiwan to allow students to "broaden their international horizons".

Queens’ School hosted the ten day exchange with 33 members of staff and pupils from New Taipei City Junior High School last month.

Pupils from Queens’ school, on Aldenham road, were treated to Taiwan pineapple cakes, chopsticks, and other specialties.

They were also taught how to say hello and thank you along with other simple Chinese phrases.

The exchange was initiated by a former Queens' student who now works in Taiwan and the academy are looking to make partnership more formal in the future.

Queens’ pupils Mohan Erbas and Bradley Prince said they "learnt a lot" from the visit.

The 12-year-olds said: "This term we were lucky enough to meet Taiwanese students. This allowed us to communicate with people from different part of the world.

"We communicated with them through the sport of basketball. We figured out a few of their names and would like the opportunity of seeing them again as we learnt so much from each other."

During the ten day visit, the 13 and 14-year-old students from Taiwan joined in lessons at the academy, and exchanged souvenirs and pictures with other students.

The students from Taiwan said they hope to have the chance to invite Queens’ to have the opportunity to teach them about their culture.

Chancellor Chung Jin said international education can improve the international perspective of students, but can also enable students to recognize the roles and responsibilities of citizens of the world.

Pritam Vekaria, deputy head teacher at Queens’ school, said: "We hope to do more work in the future as everyone learnt so much from each other, which is what international school links are all about. Thank you to everyone involved from both schools to make this such a memorable visit for all."

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