Aldenham Parish Council has decided not to refurbish the pavilion at Phillimore Recreation Ground after years of discussion, but it will still be demolished.

The current pavilion was built in the 1980’s and it has been deemed "long, but narrow, and offers very little to potential users" for some time.

A couple of years ago the council decided it did not provide the appropriate standard of accommodation for its groundstaff so they constructed the purpose-built depot at the ground.

The pavilion is now virtually unused and would require significant expenditure merely to retain it as it is.

At its recent council meeting the parish council decided the level of demand for a community facility and the likely income received from lettings would not justify the" very significant level of capital" expenditure and ongoing running costs needed to provide such a facility.

Peter Evans parish council manager, said: "In reaching this decision, we took account of the considerable financial pressures which all local authorities now face. It therefore decided to demolish the existing, somewhat dilapidated, building and to investigate the options (design, location and costs) for providing toilets for users of the ground."

The topic has been subject of discussion at council meetings for a couple of years.