Students Milly Gibson and George Whiteman stole the show when they arrived at the Francis Combe Academy Year 11 Prom in a sparkling helicopter.

The helicopter touched down on the school field, as the sun set in the background, in front of 200 members of staff and school friends.

Other students arrived for the 35th annual prom in stretched limos, a fleet of motor bikes, vintage cars and even a horse.

The theme for this year’s event was "The Oscars" and the school hall had been decorated appropriately by teachers and support staff.

Students entered the hall via the obligatory red carpet and were then treated to a lavish buffet before speeches were made by students and staff and then everyone took to the dance floor for a glittering disco.

Academy principal Debbie Warwick, a former student of the school, congratulated the students on their "impeccable" behaviour and said: "It was truly a wonderful event, one they will always remember as the highlight of their academy days."

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