A senior Watford councillor has apologised for posting a picture on her Twitter feed attacking David Cameron using his dead disabled son Ivan.

Labour councillor Anne Joynes retweeted the image, which was originally posted by another Twitter user, of the Prime Minister with a child’s coffin bearing the name ‘Ivan’.

The picture was accompanied by the statement saying: “Disabled people. Out of sight. Out of Mind”.

Ivan Cameron, who suffered from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, died aged six in February 2009.

Watford Observer:

The retweeted image.

When contacted by the Watford Observer, Councillor Joynes, who sits on both Watford Council and Hertfordshire County Council, said the retweet was an “absolute mistake” that she attributed to “careless” use of social media.

Councillor Joynes said: “I would never, ever use anything like that. It’s despicable to put it up.
“I do not use Twitter like that. It was a complete mistake. It’s awful. It was careless. I shall have to be really careful what I do on Twitter.”

However, Councillor Joynes maintained she would continue to use the popular social media website adding it was not her intention to upset or offend anyone.

Councillor Joynes, who represents the Leggatts and Callowland areas, added: "I have done that by mistake, I thought it was something else. It’s not something I would do.

“That was an absolute mistake. I will use Twitter responsibly. I’m not going on there to do that, but I might make jokes - I have some friends on there - but not to denigrate others.

“I would never want to say anything against disabled people and I have had a great hand in supporting causes.

“I feel what’s happening to disabled people with the living allowance being taken away is not right.

“I’m not the first person to make a mistake, and I won’t be the last. Everyone learns from their mistakes. I am sorry if I have upset or offended anyone. It was not my intension.”