It was back to class for Watford’s elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill when she visited  Kingsway Junior School last week.

She was at the schools to hear about community issues that were concerning the children.

As part of a formal writing literacy unit, the children were asked to choose an issue and put together a formal report to the mayor.

"Monarchs" class chose to write about Leavesden Green Park while "Kings" class chose to write about road safety.

Monarchs identified graffiti, rubbish, broken equipment and teenagers hanging around the area making children feel unsafe as their main issues, while Kings presented some ways to improve the safety of the road.

The mayor listened to both reports and held a question and answer session with the children.

She also promised to take the children of Monarchs class to the park with local councillors to help clean it up and take a closer look at some of their concerns.